Nutritional Prepackaged Meals Kits for Seniors, Children & Everyone

Shelf Stable Meal Kit Choices and Sample Menus

Emergi-Meals LLC

Shelf Stable Meal Kits

Our meal kits are packaged as 5-to-30-day kits. Our standard kits include an entrée, compliment side, fruit, snack and beverage for each meal. We can customize the menu and days to meet your requirements. The perfect solution for feeding seniors and kids when you can't distribute regular meals.

Emergi-Pouch Shelf Stable Meal Kits

Emergi-Pouch meal kits are a great upgrade to our nutritious meal options. They provide healthy, lower-sodium meals in an easy, open pouch. No metal cans or sharp pull-tops. These great-tasting kits will be loved by Seniors & Kids alike. Every kit can be customized to meet your group's requirements.

Emergi-Meals LLC
Emergi-Meals LLC

Miss Olive's Shelf Stable Meal Kits

Miss Olive's Ready Meals are designed to be lower in sodium and packed with protein. Perfect for Seniors, Children, Emergency Response, and more! Miss Olive's Ready Meals are packed in their serving trays with easy peel lids and do not require refrigeration. All menus are fully customizable to meet your requirements.

 Breakfast Shelf Stable Meal Kits

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! What better way to start the day off than with a delicious, nutritious meal. We can customize the meals to meet your needs for menu options as well as meal counts. We offer shelf-stable UHT liquid milk or non-dairy powdered milk. Don't let your clients start their day hungry.

Emergi-Meals LLC