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Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and snow storms can strike without notice or little warning. Schools, Senior Centers, Churches, Emergency Shelters, and Meals on Wheels groups always need to be ready for the worst-case scenario when it comes to emergency weather conditions. Shelf-stable emergency response meal kits are an ideal solution when home-delivered meals can’t be distributed. Menu plans from 1 day to a 30-day food supply.

Emergi-Meals LLC
Shelf Stable Meal Kits for Seniors, Kids, Meals on Wheels & Emergency programs

We Are There For Your Emergencies

Emergi-Meals LLC

Emergency Response Kits

Shelf Stable emergency response meal kits can be customized to provide your clients with food and supplies needed during an emergency. These kits can be made as meal plans or general shelf-stable foods. Fully customized to your needs.

Pantry Food Kits

Our pantry kits provide a variety of shelf-stable pantry-type foods. From canned meats and vegetables to dry pasta and beans, our kits provide meal staples for your families. These boxes can be customized to meet your organization's specifications. These kits also provide a great gift or incentive to your staff.

Emergi-Meals LLC
Emergi-Meals LLC

Emergency Meal Kits

Our Shelf Stable Meal Kits are packaged as 1-to-30-day food supply kits. We can customize the menu and days to your specifications. The perfect solution to feeding seniors or children a shelf-stable meal when you can't distribute regular meals.

At Emergi-Meals LLC, we offer customizable and shelf-stable emergency meal kits that cater to your organization's needs during uncertain times. Our meal kits are more than just provisions; they represent a commitment to preparedness and peace of mind. By choosing our products, you are investing in a reliable solution that ensures your group is well-equipped for any unexpected situation.

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Our customizable meal kits have emergency food supplies to suit everyone in your group's dietary preferences and requirements. Whether there are special dietary needs or flavor preferences, our diverse selection allows you to create a personalized emergency food stash that meets everyone's tastes and nutritional needs.

The shelf-stable nature of our meal kits guarantees long-lasting freshness and quality, giving assurance that your group's emergency provisions will be ready when they are needed the most. With Emergi-Meals LLC, you can trust that our emergency food supply is not only convenient but also dependable, providing sustenance and comfort when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

Investing in our customizable and shelf-stable emergency meal kits means investing in preparedness, flexibility, and peace of mind. Contact us today.

Emergi-Pouch Shelf Stable Meal Kits

Emergi-Pouch meal kits are a great upgrade to our nutritious meal options. They provide healthy, low-sodium meals in an easy, open pouch. No metal cans or sharp pull-tops. These great-tasting kits will be loved by Seniors & Kids alike. Every kit can be customized to meet your group's requirements.

Emergi-Meals LLC
Emergi-Meals LLC

Non-Fat Dry Milk

Our Single-serve non-fat dry milk packs are sold by the case. Our milk is packaged at 250 per box and 50 boxes per pallet. Just add water to make an 8 oz portion. Sold per case, per pallet, or anywhere between to meet your needs. Our milk is shelf-stable for up to 18 months.